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Civilian Capacity for Peace Operations

This website is a service for practitioners, experts, policy-makers and generally people interested and engaged in building civilian capacity for conflict prevention and peace operations, both at national and multilateral level, in governments and non-governmental institutions.

It will circulate and share information of value for those planning, managing, supporting and evaluating policies and operations, particularly in the ‘business’ of recruiting and deploying civilian personnel. Therefore, we seek your input and contributions, including: conference reports; presentations; research pieces; strategy and policy papers; training curricula; contact lists; job openings; and the latest on upcoming events.

UN Photo/Martine Perret

Furthermore, this websites currently provides two communities of practice the opportunity to share information. Civcap.info therefore can be seen as a communication path for peacekeeping communities who's members are spread all over the world. One section has been designated for the International Stabilization and Peacebuilding Initiative (ISPI). ISPI is an informal network of governments, multilateral organizations, and international implementing partners which seeks to improve the effectiveness of stabilization and peacebuilding and to strengthen interoperability among international actors. It has been founded at the Washington Workshop on Reconstruction, Stabilization, and Peacebuilding in Oct. 2009.

Another section has been designed for a working group called the African Civilian Capacity (AFCAP). AFCAP is an outcome of deliberations of the Recruitment & Deployment Workshop co-organized by the African Civilian Response Capacity for Peace Support Operations (AFDEM) and the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) and held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in September 2010.

Civcap.info is one activity under a larger project entitled civcap – Promoting Civilian Capacity for International Peace Operations. Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, civcap is a ZIF-led project to build and improve civilian capacity for peacekeeping, peacebuilding and civilian crisis management. It reaches out to partners within and outside Europe willing to collaborate, share and learn, through workshops, trainings, study tours, etc. The project has been initially approved for the period 2009-2011. For more information please see About civcap.