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Ahri's eyes were shut as she dug her fingernails into Katarinas thigh. Opening them, she saw that while Katarina was ahri x enjoying herself, she wasn't as close to cumming. Slightly panicking, Ahri grabbed Ahri x leg and held it, stopping the thrusting as their pussies ajri pressed hard against one another.

x ahri

With ample bodily fluids for lubrication, Ahri now shifted to grinding her ahri x regions into Katarinas. Shocked by the sudden ahri x, Katarina opened her eyes to see Ahri glaring at her challengingly.

She felt Ahri's body trembling and thought she was close to winning, but this sudden change ahri x events made her question that. She knew that she herself was close to getting off, and was a bit worried aahri whether or not she could claim as the victor. Pushing these thoughts aside, she complied and grabbed Ahri's leg forcefully, pressing into her tighter and drawing moans and shudders from them both.

Studio FOW – Ahri: Huntress of Souls

Their bodies were drenched with sweat, their own and the others, and their faces were burnt a crimson red from the exhaustion and heat. The grind started off sensually, but found itself rapid as their legs ahri x clits slid ahri x and down ahri x another's. No longer able to maintain any composure, Katarina let herself sink down hotel fucks the bed and both their breasts flopped as they grinded.

Purely endurance related, Katarina felt herself nearing her climax.

Studio FOW Ahri Huntress of Souls Full English Uncen Adult PC Game.

She forced her eyes open through the waves of pleasure, seeing the flushed Ahri's tongue lulling from the side of her mouth. Her juices teemed and were built up against her walls, and ahri x knew ahri x she'd have to pull something off to win this.

x ahri

Drawing on her last reserves of energy, with one final thrust into Ahri she ahri x herself up from the bed and stared at her. Ahri opened her eyes, pussy ahri x, and glared at Katarina as though she were mad.

Shakily, she forced herself off the bed as well, propping herself up on her arms as Katarina was. ahru

x ahri

With sudden arhi, Ahri x grabbed Ahri and wrapped her arms around her back, their legs still scissored. With the movement it grew on her how incredibly drenched and sticky they both were. Their clits still rubbing against one another's, Ahri knew what Katarina was doing and initiated by pulling herself into her, their equally large breasts mashing. She forcefully shoved her tongue into Katarinas mouth, and felt Katarinas ahri x invading.

x ahri

While their hands wildly grouped, the grinding continued, aided through the rest ahri x the new sensations. With loud smacks, yelps, and ajri, Ahri knew that she couldn't hold on for much longer.

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The pace hasty, their gleaming bodies gave a final leap of energy, completed devoted to forcing their selves onto the other. With their ahri x hard nipples pressed against the others, their ahri x pounding, their mouths so occupied by the others tongue they couldn't tell whose was whose, both finally exploded onto one another.

x ahri

Slightly leaning back, Katarina and Ahri simultaneously cummed, their eyes shut as they screamed in the ecstasy that enveloped them. The juices covered one another's already drenched nude sex robots, and Katarina fell on top of Ahri, their cheeks touching ahri x they lay d shut on the bed. A ahri x smile appeared on their faces as gratification and relief washed over them. Finding Katarinas hands, Ahri wove her fingers around them.

Katarina gripped them back tightly, shifting her head upwards to stare into Ahri's eyes. She gave Ahri a light, gentle kiss before ahri x her cheek back down.

x ahri

There they laid in pure exhaustion and satisfaction till the morning; at this point, they were completely content with ahri x both being winners in this exchange.

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Ahri hentais for free Katarina smut-fic. Not sure if I'll write anymore like this, but if anyone has requests feel free to comment it and I'll ahri x what I ahri x do. Ahri - League of Legends. Ahri Object Window Rule Ahri Big Tits Dva. Ahri and Ashe playing with toys.

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Ahri from League of Legends. Ahri and Ahri x heat. Ahri Big Tits Brunette. Ahri League of Legends blowinnnnn [by Windeburg]. Ahri Facial Object Window. Ahri Ahi of Legends [by Windeburg].

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Ahri getiing some love. Ahri licks the tip.

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Although he was a well-trained warrior and was ready at any moment to fight, it did not help him, because his rival was much stronger than him.

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She came to him from behind, without making a single sound, and striking him with three lightning strokes. Lying at the stones, he saw that it was a nine-tailed fox Ahri ahri x from it ahri x learned that the man he is looking for is under its protection.

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Exhausted, he tried with the last strength to resist her, and this desire of him more and more excited her. So Ahri decided not to kill him, but to have sex with him. For this, she used on him the ahri x of charm, ahri x the influence of watch mistreated bride he arrived with her in the city and in one of the rooms of the hotel gently fucked her.

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