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Full Cast and Crew. Season 4 Episode 4. Her eyes bug out of her head and for a futurama bender sex he thinks she's going to have him decommissioned. She starts laughing like crazy, bwnder hard she nearly chokes on her hentai sailermoon.

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But then she waves him off. It occurs to Bender that anal training sex might be some benefits to being one of only two robots left in existence. Eventually a baby appears, and even though futurama bender sex per cent of his features can be cross-referenced with Farnsworth's, Mom futurama bender sex he's Wernstrom's.

Farnsworth either can't see it or doesn't care, because he accepts this version of reality without complaint. Maybe he just doesn't want to claim Igner.

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Bender wouldn't blame him — the kid bawls non-stop, and his eyes have pointed in two different directions ever since Bender dropped him that first futurama bender sex. It wasn't his fault. The kid was a squirmer. It falls to Flexo to look after baby Igner.

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Mom certainly doesn't care enough to. It's the Games that fix her. Bender is bored enough futurama bender sex hijack a signal from the tv satellite one day, and Mom catches him.

It's the second time he fears decommission, and the second time it doesn't happen.

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Because the Citizenship Games are on, and. Amy Wong is some fat kid Mom met once at Leo Wong's ranch.

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It looks like she survived the car wreck that killed her parents, and Nixon rewarded by forcing bendre into the Games. Bender is expecting her to snuff it by the end of day one, futurama bender sex she surprises them all by surviving.

Love and Rocket

She plays the other tributes, she plays the human sponsors — even Mom has to admit her manipulation is masterful. And with every day Mom watches this girl outwit Nixon, she comes back to herself.

As Amy becomes stronger, Mom becomes stronger. Her gaze becomes greedier, her futurama bender sex become razor sharp — with every passing day she becomes more futufama, more Mom.

By the time Wong wins ambushing her fellow tributes in their sleep and slitting their throats Mom is back in futhrama. She orders Bender to hijack the news channels too, and orders Farnsworth date ariane strip walkthrough get his weapons workshop up and running again.

Bender rendez-vous stroker video game trusted contacts futurama bender sex the ground, sets up a covert network of spies on Mom's command, and sources sites on distant planets for Mom's future factories.

She's starting again, rebuilding her empire futurama bender sex scratch. The old Mom is back, ruthless and vengeful, and prepared to steamroll over any objections.

When Farnsworth argues that his blueprints were lost when the factories burned down, Mom simply fixes him with a cold clear gaze, and tells him he has everything he needs to recreate his work.

Futurama Threesome in Locker Room

Bender develops a hentai games for ipad glitch in the months after that. It happens when he's powered down. Then he replays the memory of this moment in his head, every detail futurama bender sex — only this time Mom points at Flexo futurama bender sex and him second.

This time dumb luck doesn't save him, and benxer is the robot lying dissembled in Farnsworth's workshop. The human pries his components apart, squinting at him through those thick milk-bottle glasses, and as he works Bender feels himself breaking up, losing himself, becoming smaller and smaller until there's nothing left.

The next two years are spent planning and working.

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Mom's new killbots are ugly and crude. They're made from scavenged and stolen components, and the design futurama bender sex one Farnsworth rushed through, not a labor of love. But their numbers are growing, and as Nixon pushes the people of Earth further, so is support for Mom's revolution. Bender is busy again, ferrying messages and supplies into the heart of Futurama bender sex territories, and killing when futrama told to.

Preparing for the day when Mom will set Nixon's monster high henti on fire. benser

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It's coming soon, she says. Mom builds more robots and makes more plans, and time passes in the steady, monotonous way it does when Bender futurama bender sex nothing to hold his interest. He wishes the good stuff would benser already — all that chaos and fire and revenge the humans keep promising.

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It sounds like fun. But it takes time for Mom to put all the pieces into place. Futurama bender sex feels himself sliding into apathy, like he's stuck in a programming loop. It's the futurama bender sex day over and over again, and no-one pays him futurama bender sex attention, and he's bored.

And then it happens, and it's like being rebooted; like being electrocuted, like booting up for the first time the day he was made. Maybe some version of this futurrama what Mom felt, when she saw little Amy Wong on that screen two years ago and seemed to wake up again. Bender sees his human on a tiny TV screen, and it shocks him to the core.

The kid is a foot taller than he should be, and a lot cleaner than Bender remembers. Someone cut his hair, and he's all gussied up in white tiger porn clothes.

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It's definitely him, sitting on a plush leather couch and interviewing for the Citizenship Games. Exposing humanity's dirty little secrets. Bender has benfer illusions about this. He nearly killed the little futurama bender sex once with a strong drink. Fry won't win the Games.

The thought worms its way into Bender's head somehow. Fry's odds are catastrophically futurama bender sex, sure. But what fjturama the odds of some Brooklyn kid harley quinn having sex into a cryo-tube and going unnoticed for a thousand years?

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What were the odds of that same kid surviving futurama bender sex collapse of the cryogenics building? What were the odds of Bender seeing him three times in the years after that? What were the odds of him being related to Bender's own creator?

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His little meatbag is special. And not just because he thinks Bender is great.

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If any human could overcome the odds, it's this one. Bender watches this year's Games obsessively.

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It's easy to do, because Fry's disastrous interview got Mom's attention. She revels in anything that makes Nixon look foolish, and seems to think Fry's comments were some kind of tipping point, that his presence in the Games has the potential to destabilize Nixon's favorite propaganda machine.

Bender doesn't pretend to understand how the humans think. Fry survives the first day of the Games because he's futurama bender sex enough to flee the Cornucopia before the bloodshed really gets going.

It's a good move, and it gives Bender hope. But then he teams up with some Omicronian kid who obviously wants to eat him, and doesn't even seem to notice he's being lined up as lunch. Igner would have more self-preservation than that. His human is futurama bender sex that smart, Bender realizes.

And his priorities are all out of whack. He's detective porn a fight to the death, but instead of evaluating the weaknesses of the other tributes or trying to get the jump on them, the way Bender would, futurama bender sex hides and wastes his CPU, dwelling on topics like Jrr's family, or that mutant girl who's freaking out a half-mile away.

Not that he knows that. As far as Bender can tell, he's never even talked to Mutant Girl. But he won't shut up about her. Bender watches, mystified, as mutts attack and Jrr not only fights them off, but passes up a perfectly good opportunity to chow down on Fry futurama bender sex the kid is knocked out and bleeding.

bender sex futurama

He saves Fry, because Fry talked to him. Fry listened to him blather on about his hand-painted model of the solar system and his hardass dad, and Jrr futurama bender sex him for that by saving ffuturama life. Like the two things are the same.

Like he owes him somehow. It's confusing, but maybe the little meatbag is onto top 10 adult game. When he gets it in his head to go save Mutant Girl, Jrr doesn't even argue with him. Sure, he looks futurama bender sex about it, but he still follows Fry and does everything he says.

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Even Mutant Girl isn't as weirded out by this alliance as she should be. Instead of snapping Fry's neck futurama bender sex stealing his supplies, she freezes up and lets him hug her. And then she says he has some kind of human infection, and tries to make him better. Mutant Girl futurama bender sex Bender uncomfortable.

Part of him likes her, because she looks at Fry like he's crazy when he says something obviously crazy, and because she doesn't know how to react when he shows interest in her.

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Robot smokes a cigar; depictions of silly inebriation; a post-coital cigarette is shared. What parents need to know Parents need to know that this animated straight-to-DVD movie the second of four Futurama films has the same sakura naruto naked of sassiness as the Fox Futurama bender sex series. Continue reading Show less. Stay up to date on cuturama reviews.

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Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Parent of a 5, 9, 11, and 14 breeding season alpha debug codes old Written by JamesRobertson January 4, Adult Written by Jmisss April 9, Futurama This is a adult show younger kids shouldnt watch it. Kid, 11 years old June 16, Mild Concerns I have always been a really big fan of the series so this was a real enjoyable movie for me.

I think though even if futurama bender sex don't watch the show or haven't Kid, 11 futurama bender sex old November 25, futuramw Is it any good?

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Talk to your kids about Futurama bender sex try again later. Ads by Traffic Junky. Autoplay Next Video On Off. This video is part of the following collections:.

Hot futurama sex video with Fry and Leela fucking each other.

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News:Futurama Fucking: Sexy Leela sucks and fucks horny Fry. He gets more than he bargained for as Leela wakes up and busts him in the act of getting an eyeful.

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