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Tbf tho now that the issue is raised, I've never been like "damn, thank God the cheerleaders came out No cheerleading team with their clothes on ever matched the excitement of the Washington Nationals presidential mascot race. I hate baseball, hot cheerleaders twerking I've probably seen more of Bryce Harper's face the hot cheerleaders twerking couple years than any other MLB player due to always 3d bad girl around for a mascot race on SportsCenter or whatever.

I for one enjoy watching the dancers. They're attractive and good at dancing, and it's a nice performance to watch during the break. It almost certainly wouldn't fly if someone proposed it today, but I think it's probably here to stay for a while.


I do wish they were paid better, but got the reality of hot cheerleaders twerking dynamics more than anything else I think. A fuckton of girls want to be dancers and they're not nearly as irreplaceable as NBA stars.

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Porno violation you raise a good point because there are literally two girls from my old hot cheerleaders twerking school that are now Heat hot cheerleaders twerking. It feels kind of pointless honestly. Do most people even pay attention to the cheerleading when they go to games? I know I don't. I wouldn't be upset if there was no cheerleaders. It is kind of a weird thing to be going on nowadays.

Feels weird and awkward when they're out there.

cheerleaders twerking hot

It started with the Lakers trying to get more entertainment at games. The Lakers did well cheerkeaders other teams did it too. The funny thing is watching the Lakers feed where you can hear the announcer at the games is by far the most awkward team. Every time the cheerleaders finish a dance an old guy can't recall hot cheerleaders twerking name goes "Laker guuuurrrrrls" in the flashgamesforadults voice. Cheerladers totally down with dance teams where it's dudes and girls out there kaichou wa maid-sama porn up the crowd but the NBA is a pretty mondern and progressive brand.

They hot cheerleaders twerking step up and just get rid of cheerleaders. Oh and for the guys and gals hot cheerleaders twerking are up set at that don't worry.

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Just get league pass, the camera guys constantly search the crowd for hotties so you can get your fill that way. Lawrence Tanter has been hot cheerleaders twerking in-game announcer since the showtime era Lakers.

I look forward to it now.

cheerleaders twerking hot

Generally cheerleaders add nothing, but they could be vastly improved, in terms of creating a great environment for the game. I also hot cheerleaders twerking that people saying that it would absolutely not fly today if it had never been around before are under-rating how sexual a hot cheerleaders twerking of pussy razor dancing is. Think about backup dancers at pop concerts and stuff much of which is aimed at young teens which can commonly be much more risque.

cheerleaders twerking hot

The truly awkward stuff is when they bring out a bunch of 8 year olds, who do the same routines as the cheerleaders. I'm kind of indifferent to cheerleaders, but they don't make me cringe like a lot hot cheerleaders twerking the other stupid shit they do during breaks in play, so if hot cheerleaders twerking cheerleaders meant more of cheerleadefs then I'm extremely pro-cheerleading.

I want to add a different perspective: I don't really care much about cheerleading for professional sports they're all adults etc etcbut I have issues with cheerleading in disney hentai xxx school.

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Not because it's school-sponsored sexualization of teenagers though rough sex cartoons isbut because in many places cheerleading continues to function to support the idea that men do stuff, and women support them. When I was in high school, most boys' sports had cheerleading squads, while none of the girls' sports did. Further, cheerleading counted as a girls' sport under Title IX, which meant that the school was allowed to offer one less real sport for girls to play.

Yes, I will die on the hill of "cheerleading is not a real sport. So the boys hot cheerleaders twerking team got a hot cheerleaders twerking pep squad while the girls didn't, AND that school-sanctioned pep squad that's only for boys took away a girls' sport.

twerking hot cheerleaders

You can call it what you want, girls supporting men or hot cheerleaders twerking. But girls fucking love that shit and I swear woulda fought somebody for those varsity cheerleader spots when I was in high school. That shit was highly coveted. A lot of schools like mine have the cheerleaders only perform during men's games so it feels very much like just supporting hot cheerleaders twerking to me.

At my school the girls basketball games were twerkng before the boys games and the cheerleaders were there for both games. And of course, they don't wear any sort of pads or anything because the skimpy outfits are part of the culture. This isn't as relevant gamesofdesire,com NBA dance teams, who don't really do tumbling. Lol, hot cheerleaders twerking you imagine what would happen to cheerleading as a sport if the girls had to wear rugby style soft padded helmets?

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I'm glad you mentioned this, it's an aspect that gets overlooked a lot but it hot cheerleaders twerking gets at a whole other reason why hot cheerleaders twerking whole thing feels so weird.

That opens up a whole new can of worms though, because all those high-flying maneuvers hentai 4 you be really dangerous and a lot of girls are getting seriously injured -- so it makes you think it'd be better if we could just cut out the short skirts and the cheering pretext altogether and just give those girls a proper gymnastics team instead.

What's fucked up about this is that cheerleading has incredibly high rates of injury compared to other high school sports. I wouldn't call it a sport per se, but it's a sport in hot cheerleaders twerking same sense marching bands are.

cheerleaders twerking hot

It takes strength, flexibility, extreme coordination, etc. OP sounds like they have an axe to grind with cheerleading.

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