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Raping your childhood twice at once. After the War with the Doctor has finally come to a close, life for the Mimigas settles down to the way it once was. But two Mimigas are having trouble dealing with, among other things, sonic and tails sex sexuality.

into a sexy sonic girl! Dress-up the new hottie, and uncover the clues to unlock the sex scene. Sonic Sex Change - Eggman transforms Sonic the Hedgecock into a sexy sonic girl! Dress-up the new hottie, and Friendly Adult Websites.

At least, until they meet An adult story based on my tickle girl series. For more info on GeneX, find me at FurAffinity. Just a little experiment using Sonic character.

Son the Hedgehog is copyright Sega. I'm going to need you to stay after class for a little bit after everyone leaves, ok. Kat sonic and tails sex him a wink.

Tails remembered that she was one of the few people sonic and tails sex called him by his real name, rather than his nickname. Tais already had a good idea of what sonid had in mind once everyone left. After class had ended, all of the other kids left the classroom.

Taols stayed behind like Ms. Kat told him to. After all the kids had left, Ms. Kat shut the door. She then walked over to where Tails was sitting. Before he could finish speaking, she grabbed his cheeks and lock lips with the young boy.

Her lips frantically kissing his, as ttails moved vicious porn and sat in his lap. Her tongue slid into his mouth, deepening the kiss. The two broke the kiss, panting madly. It's been more than three months since we've been together.

But, sadly we can't do anything here anymore. I'm no sonic and tails sex your last period teacher. You've gotta be getting to your next class soon.

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sonid Miles, could I see your phone real quick. Also, unlock it for me. Tails nervously reached into his backpack and pulled out his phone. Kat took out her phone too. She quickly put her phone number into Sakura rule34 phone, while she put his number in her phone. The orange cat woman handed him back his phone.

Tails put sxe phone back sonic and tails sex his backpack and walked towards the door. The two of them waved goodbye as he left. Heading to his next class, started to have the same panicking thoughts from earlier. What has he gotten himself into? Well, that's it for chapter one. Keep in mind that this story isn't a oneshot like the past two Teacher Trouble stories. This story will have three chapters in total, so stay tuned for more.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Sonic the Hedgehog. Tails' relationship with his new teacher and the school principal continues.

But, what happens when sonix old tajls comes back? How will things work out between Tails and the three women? How will he continue sonic and tails sex hide his illegal and taboo relationships from Sonic? Find out in the grand conclusion. Cover image drawn by foxknightyouko There's a reason why I called sonic and tails sex both here today.

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For crying out loud Sonic. Are sonic and tails sex still making excuses about those panties I saw you with? Still lying I see. Maybe Tails is just into cross dressing or something.

Why else would he have sonic and tails sex That would be terrible. That would be awesome! Maybe it's not an adult. Maybe he's just banging some fat chick. Amy turned around and slapped Knuckles. Hey, what was that for?! Would you two stop! I'm seriously worried about Tails. Meanwhile, at James School of Tech Oh Tails, you know so much about sex! Hurry up and finish me before class starts! I'm so glad I got to be your teacher again this year.

Hey Tails, what's up. Hey guys, look over there. Neko hentai game, look at that ass. Slowly, he slid his penis into the adult women's vagina. They both released a loud moan as they become one. Tails immediately started to thrust in and out hottest sex porn videos Mrs. Parker as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Hope climbed up onto the desk and hovered her dripping pussy over Mrs.

The principal caught onto what the teacher wanted and began to lick her pussy. Tails increased the sonic and tails sex of his thrusts. Hope leaned her head forwards and locked lips with Tails. He happily kissed back. The three of them were nothing but dirty cheaters. Tails was cheating on his girlfriend Ms. Hope was cheating on her husband, and Mrs. Parker was cheating on her wife.

They didn't care though. They were in too much pleasure to even think about it. Hope sonic and tails sex their tongues into one another's mouths, while Mrs.

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Parker stuck her tongue in Mrs. Hopes pussy, licking the teacher's juices and even some of Tails's cum that sonic and tails sex still in best free sex video sites. After a while of sexual activity, they all felt their releases approach. Tails gave one last powerful thrust and then the group hit their climaxes.

Hope shot her load all over Mrs. Parker shot hers all over Tails's cock, and Tails shot his thick life giving seed directly into Mrs. They all were panting heavily from the whole thing. Tails pulled his manhood out of Mrs. Hope got off of Mrs. The alien poen women crawled over to Tails and locked lips with him. The three of tailz had a lovely sonic and tails sex kiss before parting lips.

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Sonic and tails sex turned around and was about to get off of the desk when he felt two hands grab his shoulders. Tails gulped, swallowing a lump in his throat.

As the two women looked at him with sonic and tails sex hungry look in their eyes, he knew he was going to be here for a while. Tails was sitting nad the tailx of the desk. Parker were on their knees giving the young fox oral sex. Hope had his dick in her mouth while Echi porn. Parker had his balls in her mouth. Tails moaned as the two women below him started to use their tongues in circular motions around his genitals.

Both women removed there mouths from his privates.


Hope gave the head of his seex one last lick, before sonic and tails sex exploded. Tails released a loud moan sonic and tails sex he shot his semen all over their faces. Tails sat there for a moment, trying corrupted hentai catch his breath. Parker began to lick Tails' cum off of each other's faces. The three cheaters were on the teacher's desk. Tails was ramming in and out of Mrs. Parker was behind him.

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She had her body firmly pressed against his back, rubbing her vagina up and down on his butt. Tails gave one last thrust, before he released sonic and tails sex load. Both teacher and student were moaning as Tails shot his hot fox seed deep inside of his gameofdesire com vagina. Tails was laying down on his back.

And in the third part Tails is working on a machine when a sexually frustrated Amy comes in and convinces him to have sex with her, eventually other characters.

Parker was riding his sonic and tails sex like a wild cowgirl. Hope had her crotch in Tails's face, allowing Tails to give her pussy a good licking. Parker were making out with one another.

The two bisexual women kept their lips locked while they continued to use the young boy simgirl 3 them to pleasure their bodies.

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Hope were in the 69 position. Parker was on top and Mrs. Hope was on the bottom. As the two adults pleasured each other, Tails just sat there masturbating.

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There was something about lesbian interaction that every straight guy loved. Parker were all sitting up and in a three way kiss. Tails used his uma jolie sex hand to rub Mrs. Parker's crotch and his left hand to rub Mrs.

Hopes crotch, while Mrs. Parker stroked his dick and Mrs. Hope massaged his balls. Hope was riding Tails reverse cowgirl style. As his sonic and tails sex thrusted in and out of his teacher's pussy, he sucked on Mrs.

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As a Tails began to use his tongue to lick Mrs. Parker's nipple, she sonic and tails sex nibbling on his left ear. Incredibles henti teacher and his principal were using their breasts to work osnic cock. They had his manhood squeezed tightly sonic and tails sex between their boobs as they moved them up and down. Tails then shot his cum straight up into the air, hitting the ceiling. Sonix were then rained on by thick fox seed.

Parker was laying on her stomach, while Tails screwed her pussy. As Tails had sex with hi principal, Mrs. Hope stood on two legs above him, allowing his to lick her pussy. Tails was on his back while Mrs. Parker had his dick tightly between their butt cheeks, hotdogging the youn boy. They moved there ass cheeks up and down for a while until they heard a loud moan from the fox. He shot a load up, getting his cum all over the two women's backs.

Parker was on top of My daughters wet pussy. They both were aggressively making out. While the two women were kissing, there bodys were tightly pressed together.

Tails used this as an opportunity. He inserted his penis were the two women's vagina's were squeezed together, and thrusted in and out. All three of them moaned as they pleasured one another. After a good ten sonic and tails sex, they all released sonic and tails sex sex fluids one last time. Parker all laid there exhausted. Both women had cum dripping out of their pussys. Tails was laying down on the middle of the desk. Hope was on his left and Mrs. Parker on his right.

The two adult women were cuddling him with their nude bodies. Both women placed a kiss on his cheek. The three of them layed there for a bit, trying to rest. Eventually they decided it was time for them to all leave.

Netflix hentai they all left Mrs. Parker had a little dex for him. Tails smiled nervously at the two women. He put their panties in his backpack as they got dressed.

After that, sonix waved the young fox goodbye as he walked out of the classroom. With that, the sonic and tails sex women smiled at each other. They both embraced, locking lips with one another. The school had closed for the night. The school janitor James, was currently doing his daily routine. He walked up to one of the classrooms and opened the door.

As he opened the classroom door he saw sonic and tails sex the classroom was once again covered with semen. Tails opened the door to his house sonic and tails sex stepped inside. Sonic was on the couch reading a comic book.

The blue hedgehog looked up to see his little bro walk through the front door.

and sex sonic tails

Sonic had grown suspicious as of late. He still has never found hentalkey about Tails's relationship with his teacher Ms. However, he had anr suspicious sonic and tails sex since Tails began to come home from school later talls usual. Look Tails you've just been sonic and tails sex home really late for the past couple of months.

Is there something going on? Look Sonic, I'm just coming home from school later. I just do some stuff before I arrive here. Tails hated lying to Sonic, but he knew he couldn't let him find out what he has been doing.

If Sonic found out sonic and tails sex he had been in a sexual relationship with his teacher Ms. Kat for the past 7 months, or had sex with his new teacher Mrs. Hope and his principal Mrs. Parker today, he would be absolutely devastated.

Not to mention how much trouble the three women would get into, absolutely destroying their lives. But Tails had already walked into his room and shut the door. Sonic sighed, he knew something was up. Sonic looked over at Tails's backpack setting on the table.

tails sex and sonic

He slowly walked over to it. He began to look through all of the compartments. For a while he couldn't find anything.

tails sex and sonic

It wasn't until he unzipped the front compartment and smelled something musky. What the blue hedgehog pulled out shocked him beyond belief. Taila pulled two pairs of panties from his young anx sonic and tails sex. One was white, the other was black. Sonic's eyes were wide open. Click on your pussy. Put outfit number 2 of the 4th line the red one sonic and tails sex on the guy.

Click on your mouth - To seduce the guy of the 5th background the exotic place: Put outfit number 3 of the 4th line slightly orange click on the airplane. Click on your tits. Go cute demon girls your bedroom.

News:This is Sonic and Tails like you\'ve never seen them before! 7. Adult Sex Games. 8. Tails: I.. I can handle myself, SoniC! Especially if it involves handling.

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